Freelance Product Manager - Teach Your Monster

*Please note:

We are not hiring for this specific position at the moment, but we are ALWAYS actively looking for great people to work with us in future - opportunities arise frequently!

Over the next year we'll be expanding our product base of educational games and playful apps - now being used by millions of children.

Our plan is to build a list of potential Product Managers we could work with in the future. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

Who are we?

We are the developers of Teach Your Monster to Read: a multiple BAFTA award-nominated educational app, one of the world’s leading literacy products played by over 1 million children every month.

We are now in the process of developing new apps and games for kids aged 4 and upwards, both in reading and in other areas of learning and development.

Teach Your Monster is a non-profit company, funded by the founder of Usborne Publishing.

Who we're looking for

We're on the lookout for independent freelance product managers with a proven track record both in creating games and apps in the most efficient, cost-effective and iterative ways possible and in using user-centred design processes to build the right thing in the right way, testing and gathering feedback to continuously improve the products and games being built.

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Always thinking about how to get more done with less, and focussed as much on what not to build as what we should be building
  • Confident building autonomous teams and finding and hiring the right people for the right role
  • Willing to get their hands dirty when needed, but always able to delegate or assign the right people to the right role when needed
  • Naturally user-centred, always keen to test any assumption or feature on those who will actually use it, and comfortable using both qualitative and quantitative data to assess any hypothesis made. Ideally confident working with metrics to analyse, improve and drive retention, engagement and revenue.
  • Able to create and communicate a vision, and hold other team members accountable to this vision whilst ensuring they still remain as autonomous as possible
  • Good at both giving and receiving clear and candid feedback, and encouraging others in the team to do similarly

How we work

We work very collaboratively with highly autonomous teams. Our teams are small - usually no more than 4 people, so we're looking for people who like a high level of autonomy.

    What we will be doing

    Over the next year, we will be creating some new products and prototypes, with the most promising projects moving through to full development.

    These will be focussing on new areas of learning and development for children, which could be anything from maths to mental wellbeing.

    We’re looking to build contacts with the right kind of people so we have Product Managers ready to collaborate with when concepts move to the prototype and development stage.

    How we work with people

    We work hard at Teach Your Monster to make a great culture for the people working with us:

    • High autonomy - we find the best people and let them work in their own ways.
    • Not deadline driven and against crunch.
    • Team members mainly work remotely with occasional face to face meetings (mainly London).
    • Flexible on when we work together hours-wise and very parent-friendly


    Send a short summary of your experience and a link to your portfolio and point us to the projects that are most relevant to us. If projects come up that look relevant to your experience, we'll be in touch!

    More information about the organisation

    Please note:

    • We are not interested in hearing from recruiters.
    • We do not have any permanent positions at the moment.